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    Econometric Models of Climate Change Conference: 29-30 August 2019

    The Center for European Studies (CefES) and the Department of Economics, Management and Statistics (DEMS) at the University of Milan-Bicocca, together with CREATES at Aarhus University, the Department of Economics and Finance (DEF) at the University of Rome-Tor Vergata, Climate Econometrics at the University of Oxford and the Department of Economics at the University of Victoria, are hosting the 4th Conference on “Econometric Models of Climate Change” at the University of Milan-Bicocca (Milan, Italy) on 29-30 August 2019.

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    Data Science and Economics

    Algorithms, Data, and New Research Questions on Prediction and Causality

    Giovedì 28.06 Campus Luigi Einaudi, AULA H2
    Lungo Dora Siena 100A, Torino



    Anna Rosso, UNIMI: “Innovative events”

    Matteo Pelagatti, BICOCCA: “Estimating high dimensional stochastic volatility models”


    La formazione: Il panorama corsi di laurea e master

    Coffee Break


    Pietro Battiston, BICOCCA: “Using Big Data to Predict Tax Behavior”

    Francesco Rentocchini, UNIMI: “DEMM meets the Big D research funding at the University of Milan”

    Lunch break


    Brainstorming: Nuovi strumenti o nuove domande di ricerca?

    13.45- 15.15

    Magda Fontana e Fabio Montobbio, UNITO e CATTOLICA: “Bridges over troubled waters: a reassement of interdisciplinarity, novelty, and impact”

    Paolo Brunori, UNIFI: “The Roots of Inequality. Estimating Inequality of Opportunity from Regression Trees”

    Massimiliano Nuccio, UNITO: “Topic Modelling and Evolution of Economics”

    Coffee Break

    15.30-16.30 Conclusioni: idee e opportunità di collaborazione sulla didattica e la ricerca.

    La partecipazione è gratuita e aperta al pubblico previa registrazione gratuita al seguente link: https://tinyurl.com/datascience28giugno

    The Mathematics of Subjective Probability

    The workshop will take place at University of Milano-Bicocca on 3-5 september 2018

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    The subjective approach to probability has historically had great importance in the comprehension of uncertainty phenomena, as witnessed by the works of de Finetti, Dubins, Savage and of too many other scholars to mention explicitly.

    Although mostly superseded by the axiomatic setting inaugurated by Kolmogoroff, the subjective approach is common to all those studies in which probability is not taken as an assumption but rather as part of the solution to specific mathematical problems in statistics, gambling, game theory, economics.

    In organizing this meeting we aim at putting together researchers who, each in his own field, share such fundamental view and at bringing to the general attention the work done so far and the great future potential.

    The Mathematics of Subjective Probability‘ workshop — hopefully only a first event of a future series — welcomes all mathematicians who are interested in the topic.

    The Political Economy of Democracy and Dictatorship, 22 – 24 February 2017, University of Münster, Germany

    Call for papers


    22 – 24 February 2017


    University of Münster, Germany


    Thomas Apolte, University of Münster, Germany

    Mario Gilli, Bicocca University Milan, Italy

    Yuan Li, University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany


    Keynote Speakers:

    Toke Aidt, Cambridge University, UK

    Sabine Carey, University of Mannheim, Germany

    Barry Weingast, Stanford University, USA

    Ronald Wintrobe, Western University, CA


    Conference Description:

    The conference addresses the origin and prospects of democracy and dictatorship, policy control and governance structures in comparative political systems and transition processes from dictatorship to democracy and vice versa. We will have up to 36 papers presented in three parallel sessions, in addition to four keynote lectures. Bringing together scholars that are interested in interdisciplinary work comparing political systems is our focus.

    We welcome theoretical as well as empirical papers by both economists and other social scientists with an interdisciplinary background. In particular, papers may cover topics such as:

    • Institutional change and prosperity

    • Violence and political stability

    • Constitutional history of democracy

    • Political economy of revolutions

    • Political accountability in autocracies

    • Culture, religion, and political institutions


    Deadlines and Submission:

    • Abstract submission deadline August 1, 2016 (see conference webpage)

    • Notification of acceptance August 31, 2016

    • Full paper submission deadline December 31, 2016

    • Registration open until January 15, 2017


    Conference Contact Information:

    The Chair of Political Economy

    Scharnhorststr. 100

    48151 Münster, Germany

    e-mail: pedd@wiwi.uni-muenster.de

    URL: www.wiwi.uni-muenster.de/loep/en/pedd

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