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  • Monthly Archives: April 2016

    IMF World Economic Outlook, 26/4/2016 h. 11.30 Auditorium “G.Martinotti”, Via Vizzola, 5, Milano – Building U12

    April, 26th 2016, h.11.30

    Auditorium “G.Martinotti”, Building U12, Via Vizzola, 5, Milano


    imf outlook 2016



    h. 11.30 Opening: Lucia Visconti Parisio, chief of DEMS department – Università degli Studi di Milano-Bicocca

    h. 11.45 IMF World Economic Outlook April 2016: Davide Furceri, IMF Research Department

    h. 12.45 Discussion: Patrizio Tirelli, DEMS -Università degli Studi di Milano-Bicocca

    h. 13.15 Completion of the conference

    The conference will be transmitted in streaming (http://streaming.unimib.it).

    For any information, please contact piergiovanna.natale@unimib.it

    The Political Economy of Democracy and Dictatorship, 22 – 24 February 2017, University of Münster, Germany

    Call for papers


    22 – 24 February 2017


    University of Münster, Germany


    Thomas Apolte, University of Münster, Germany

    Mario Gilli, Bicocca University Milan, Italy

    Yuan Li, University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany

    Keynote Speakers:

    Toke Aidt, Cambridge University, UK

    Sabine Carey, University of Mannheim, Germany

    Barry Weingast, Stanford University, USA

    Ronald Wintrobe, Western University, CA

    Conference Description:

    The conference addresses the origin and prospects of democracy and dictatorship, policy control and governance structures in comparative political systems and transition processes from dictatorship to democracy and vice versa. We will have up to 36 papers presented in three parallel sessions, in addition to four keynote lectures. Bringing together scholars that are interested in interdisciplinary work comparing political systems is our focus.

    We welcome theoretical as well as empirical papers by both economists and other social scientists with an interdisciplinary background. In particular, papers may cover topics such as:

    • Institutional change and prosperity

    • Violence and political stability

    • Constitutional history of democracy

    • Political economy of revolutions

    • Political accountability in autocracies

    • Culture, religion, and political institutions

    Deadlines and Submission:

    • Abstract submission deadline August 1, 2016 (see conference webpage)

    • Notification of acceptance August 31, 2016

    • Full paper submission deadline December 31, 2016

    • Registration open until January 15, 2017

    Conference Contact Information:

    The Chair of Political Economy

    Scharnhorststr. 100

    48151 Münster, Germany

    e-mail: pedd@wiwi.uni-muenster.de

    URL: www.wiwi.uni-muenster.de/loep/en/pedd

    (Italiano) DEMS seminar

    Seminar prof. Loriano MANCINI (EPFL Lausanne)


    Variance Swaps



    Variance swaps are basic contracts to trade volatility. Over the past few decades variance swap markets have experienced an impressive growth, reaching enormous trading volumes. We extend recent approaches to model the term structure of variance swaps, inspired by the term structure literature on interest rates. Then, we provide theoretical and empirical analyses of optimal investment problems in variance swaps, index option, stock index, and risk free bond.

  • Lingua/language:

    • Italiano
    • English