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    Talk by Steven Scott, Director of Statistics Research at Google @Bicocca


    Steven Scott
    Director of Statistics Research at Google

    Steven Scott

    Friday 2 September 2016, at 5pm

    Building U6, Aula Martini – Piazza dell’Ateneo Nuovo 1, Milano

    “Predicting the Present with Bayesian Structural Time Series”

    Il Dipartimento di Statistica e Metodi Quantitativi col contributo di Innovation Pub organizza un seminario con Steven Scott, Director of Statistics Research at Google.

    Scott presenterà un lavoro sui sistemi predittivi che ha come coautore il famoso economista Hal Varian (Chief Economist a Google).

    Il seminario si terrà in lingua inglese e sarà trasmesso in streaming sul canale Unimib.

    Jean-Francois Laslier, 7th October 2015 at noon

    Speaker: Jean-Francois (Paris School of Economics)

    Title: Analyzing the EuroVotePlus Experiment

    Date: 7th October 2015 at noon

    Palce: building U7, second floor, economic seminar room

    Abstract: This paper reports on an online experiment that took place in several European countries during the three weeks before the 2014 elections for the European Parliament. We created a website where visitors could obtain information about the electoral rules used in different European Member States for this election. Participants were then invited to cast (simulated) ballots for the election according to three voting rules: closed list proportional representation, open list proportional representation with preferential voting, and open list proportional representation with cumulative voting and panachage. Participants were also invited to think about, and experiment with, the idea of electing some members of the European Parliament through pan-European party lists. The data gathered from this study enable researchers to consider the effects of electoral systems on outcomes in individual countries, and also to investigate the potential popularity and effects of Europe-wide European Parliament constituencies.

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