Research Programmes

CISEPS has currently 6 Research Programmes:

  • Cultural Evolution – Coordinator: Emanuele Serrelli
  • Decision Making – Coordinator: Simona Sacchi
  • Network Analysis – Coordinator:TBA
  • Well Being – Coordinator: TBA
  • Media and Communication – Coordinator: Marco Gui
  • Neuro-Economics – Coordinator: Stefania Ottone

Research projects

The following projects have been funded by CISEPS in 2012:

  • Theory and evidence on the causes and effects of Italian terrorism (Gilli, Buonanno)
  • Is ICT use good for learning? (Gui, Argentin, Pagani)
  • A trial in the lab: an experimental analysis of different legal systems (Ottone, Ponzano, Lewisch)
  • Smoking and social networks (Panebianco, Fumagalli)
  • Voluntary Participation in social-dilemma games (Tufano, Nosenzo)

The following projects have been funded by CISEPS in 2011:

  1. Cognitive processes, moral dimension and decision making on climate change (M. Grasso)
  2. Media consumption, arousing contents and well-being (M. Gui)
  3. Immigrant networks in Milan (M. Mendola)
  4. Sense of justice and propensity to react to unfair behavior: a neuroeconomic study (S. Ottone)
  5. Information, Social Learning and Democracy (F. Pavesi)
  6. Strategic Motivational Orientations in Economic Contexts (S. Sacchi)
  7. Endogenous preferences: The effects of competition on pro-social behavior (L. Stanca)
  8. Social Distance and Strategic Sophistication in Two-player Coordination Games (F. Tufano

The following projects have been funded by CISEPS in 2010:

  • Economic theory and cultural evolution: towards a common framework (F. Panebianco)
  • Global markets and theory of the firm: what role for joint-ventures? (P. Natale)
  • Media consumption, satisfaction and well-being (L. Stanca)
  • The interaction beteeen cognitive, emotional and motivational processes in reciprocity (L. Bruni)
  • The socio-economic determinants of entrepreneurship: the Italian case (P. Toninelli)
  • Conflicts and cooperation: identity, diversity and public good provision (M. Gilli)
  • Network theory and applications (A. Naimzada)
  • Electoral systems and power indexes (S. Ottone)
  • Lingua/language:

    • Italiano
    • English
  • Seminar Programs