• Experiments

    EELAB is recruiting subjects to carry out economic experiments. The experiments consist in observing the economic behaviour of individuals in simplified and reproducible environments. The experiments are run by simulating through personal computers the environment in which the subjects have to make economic choices.

    No preparation is required to participate in the experiments. The experiments do not in any way measure the skills or the prepartation of the participating subjects. The objective is purely the study of individual economic choices for research purposes.

    Participating in the experiments guarantees a monetary reward whose amount is partly fixed and partly related to the outcome of the experiment. The amount of the reward is comparable to that of a qualified job for a corresponding time span.

    The experiments take place at the laboratories of the Faculty of Economics, of the University of Milano Bicocca (Building U7, first floor). The experiment last on average about an hour.

    If you are interested in participating in the experiments, follow this link to register and access the list of forthcoming experiments.

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