• Visiting Scholar Program

    Visiting scholars are being offered to PhD-holding junior and senior scholars, who are interested in pursuing research in any field of Economics, Economic History, Management and Statistics.

    Visiting Scholars are expected to fully contribute to the research life of the Department, by being in residence full-time at the Department, working on their research project(s), interacting scientifically with the Department’s faculty and research staff, and attending seminars. The visiting Scholar does not carry any teaching or administrative responsibilities. However, Visiting Scholars are usually asked to give a seminar about their research during their time in Milan. Moreover, if a visiting Scholar is interested in teaching a short course or a seminar course, this can be arranged by mutual agreement. Interested candidates may apply for a period of three months. A limited number of fellowships (covering accommodation and
    travel costs) may be assigned, the amount of each fellowship depends on the candidate’s curriculum and on the available budget.
    Application Procedure

    Interested candidates must submit their applications to visiting@unimib.it. Applications should include a CV, a brief (half page) research proposal and the indication about the requested period of stay at the Department. Uncompleted applications will not be considered.

    Current call for applications (deadline 1st March 2019)

  • Lingua/language:

    • Italiano
    • English