DEMS Economics Seminar: Paolo Crosetto (INRAE)

Wednesday, February 28 at 10:30am, Seminar room Demografica 2062, Building U7-2nd floor

Label or taxes: why not both? Testing (nutritional) mixed policies in the lab


The DEMS Economics Seminar series is proud to host

Paolo Crosetto



We run an incentivized framed-field laboratory experiment to evaluate the interaction of labelling (Nutri-Score) and pricing policies (fat taxes and thin subsidies) on the food shopping of a sample of French consumers. Taxes and subsidies, designed  to fit Nutri-Score, are differentiated according to their magnitude (large or small), and their salience (explicit or implicit). We exploit a difference-in-difference design, whereby subjects shop for real from a catalog of 290 products twice, first without any labelling nor pricing policy, and then a second time with one of five different combinations of labelling and pricing policies. Results show that: i) when implemented alone, taxes and subsidies are less effective than labelling, especially when implicit and when small in magnitude; ii) policies mixing pricing and labelling are strongly sub-additive; iii) consumers would benefit from such policies in terms of expenditure at the expense of the State.

The seminar will be in presence, Seminar Room Demografica 2062, Building U7-2nd floor