DEMS Management Webinar: Gianluca Veronesi (University of Bristol)

Wednesday, June 8, at 12pm, online

‘Strong in the saddle’: the effect of prior organisational performance and insiderness on CEOs’ exit


The DEMS Management Webinar series is proud to host   

 Gianluca Veronesi
(University of Bristol)


Gianluca Veronesi is a Professor of Public Management and Accounting at the School of Management, Faculty of Social Sciences and Law, The University of Bristol. Gianluca joined Bristol in September 2017 and is currently the Programme Co-Director (and founder) of the MSc Healthcare Management. Prior to that, he was based for 10 years in the Division of Accounting & Finance, Leeds University Business School, The University of Leeds, where he was a Fellow of the Centre for Innovation in Health Management. He holds a PhD in Corporate Governance from The University of Leeds. Gianluca’s main research interests focus on organisational governance, public management reforms, leadership and performance management, and uses of knowledge sources. His research is predominantly quantitative in nature and mostly concentrated on the healthcare sector. It has been published on highly ranked journals such as Public Administration Review, the Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory, Organization Studies, Social Science and Medicine, Public Administration and Public Management Review. Gianluca has been recently appointed as Visiting Professor at the School of Business and Social Sciences, Aarhus University.


The seminar will be online on Webex (link below)