The Political Economy of Brexit

“The Political Economy of Brexit” is the first meeting of “The RCEA Workshop on the Future of Europe”.

The Brexit process is an economic crisis, a social crisis, a political crisis, and, eminently, a constitutional crisis. Five years after the Brexit referendum its contours are not yet well defined, and debates rage over its consequences both in the short- and long run. The UK is divided as it has never been before. Brexit represents a defining moment not only for the UK but for the EU itself. Its shadow looms over the future of one of the fundamental components of the post-World War II order. Is Brexit a major mistake or had European integration gone too far? Though such a politically charged topic renders impartiality next to impossible, there is an urgent need for expert opinion on the political economy of Brexit. In this panel, the International Trade and Political Economy research groups of the Rimini Centre for Economic Analysis (RCEA) bring together a group of eminent experts to discuss and examine some of the salient aspects of Brexit in an open debate.


  • Anthony Venables (Oxford University and Manchester University): “Regional Impacts”
  • Jonathan Portes (King's College London): “Political Economy of immigration and free movement”
  • Erik Jones (Robert Schuman Centre, EUI and Johns Hopkins University): “Impact of Brexit on the Transatlantic Relationship”
  • Mary Kaldor (London School of Economics): "Brexit and Democracy"
  • Iain McLean (Nuffield, Oxford University and RCEA): “Brexit and the break-up of the United Kingdom”
  • Simon Usherwood (Center for Britain and Europe - University of Surrey and Open University): "Brexit's impact on the UK Political Parties"

Chair: Michael Plummer (Johns Hopkins University and RCEA)

“The Political Economy of Brexit” is the first meeting of “The RCEA Workshop on the Future of Europe”. It will be held online in association with the Center for European Studies (CefES) of the University of Milano-Bicocca and the University of California Riverside on 7th October 2021, at 3 p.m British Summer Time. The workshop is part of the RCEA-2021 program (

The event is open to the public.

Zoom link:


Organizing Committee:

  • Gianluigi Pelloni (RCEA founding director and Chair of the RCEA Political Economy Study Group )
  • Mike Plummer (RCEA and Johns Hopkins University )
  • Marcelle Chauvet (RCEA and University of California-Riverside)
  • Claudio Morana (RCEA-Europe ETS, RCEA, CefES-DEMS University of Milano-Bicocca, Minda de Gunzberg Center for European Studies, Harvard University)Off