The Department Sections are discipline-homogeneous groups that may discuss issues and propose solutions to the Department Council

  • Piergiovanna Natale (Coordinator of the Economic Section)
  • Andrea Ongaro (Coordinator the Statistics Section)
  • Salvatore Torrisi (Coordinator of the Business Administration Section)

The Department Board is a body that supports the Director in the department's direction. The Director may delegate some of their functions to members of the Board.

The Recruitment Commission is composed of:

The Department Council is the main body of the deparment. All the official deliberations of the department are taken with majority vote of the Council. The Director chairs all the (generally monthly) sessions of the Council.

The following persons of the DEMS staff are members of the Council:

  • full professors
  • associate professors
  • assistant professors
  • two representatives of post-docs
  • a representative of the non-academic staff (Giovanni Pelosi)
  • a representative of the PhD students
  • representatives of the students (at least 15% of the memebers of the council)

The department's programs can be managed by a council (Didactic Coordination Council) or a monocratic program director.


  • Marketing, Communications, and Global Markets.
    President of the Didactic Coordination Council: Flavio Gnecchi
  • Statistical and Economic Sciences.
    Programme Director: Paolo Mariani


  • MSc in Tourism Economics.
    President of the Didactic Coordination Council: Luca Mocarelli
  • MSc in International Economics.
    President of the Didactic Coordination Council: Piergiovanna Natale
  • MSc in Advanced Marketing Management.
    President of the Didactic Coordination Council: Flavio Gnecchi
  • MSc in Statistics and Economics.
    Programme Director: Riccardo Borgoni
  • Ph.D. in Economics, Statistics, and Data Science.
    Programme Director: Matteo Manera

The Commission offers a listening channel to students and promptly transmits useful information to the academic programs coordinators. The Commission provides for:

  1. carring out monitoring activities about the contents of the academic programs and the quality of teaching as well as of the service activity to students by professors and researchers;
  2. identifing indicators for evaluating their results;
  3. formulating reasonated opinions on the activation and cancellation academic programs;
  4. formulating reasonated opinions on the organization and regulation of academic programs;
  5. commenting on the congruity between the number of ECTS assigned to the training activities and the training objectives envisaged by the didactic systems;
  6. commenting on the overall teaching load of the study courses;
  7. annually drawing up an evaluation document of the training activities to be sent to the Academic Senate, the Quality Assurance Presidium and the Evaluation Unit;
  8. exercising any other task assigned to it by the regulations.

The Commissione can be contacted (also anonymously) using the following email address