The Savage Award 2020 goes to our colleague Tommaso Rigon

Tommaso Rigon, assistant professor at DEMS, receives the prestigiuous award for his PhD thesis on finite-dimensional nonparametric priors
Tommaso Rigon

The Savage Award, named in honor of Leonard J. “Jimmie” Savage, is bestowed each year to two outstanding doctoral dissertations in Bayesian econometrics and statistics, one each in:

Theory and Methods:   for a dissertation that makes important original contributions to the foundations, theoretical developments, and/or general methodology of Bayesian analysis.
Applied Methodology:   for a dissertation that makes outstanding contributions with novel Bayesian analysis of a substantive problem that has potential to impact statistical practice in a field of application.

DEMS member Tommaso Rigon receives the Savage Award 2020 for his PhD thesis entitled “Finite-dimensional nonparametric priors: Theory and applications”

Official website of the Savage Award