MSc in Marketing and Global Markets

The MSc. Degree in Marketing and Global Markets offered  by the Department of  Economics, Management  and  Statistics  at  the  University  of  Milano-Bicocca is a two-year MSc program organized in two distinct tracks – Global Management, in English and Marketing Globale, in Italian.

Global Management is a new track that provides students with knowledge and skills in strategic management, international business and marketing, entrepreneurship, innovation management, global accounting and corporate finance. Students are also required to attend advanced courses in econometrics, business analytics, data-driven decision making, industrial organization and EU business law. Students of this track can spend the second year at the Antwerp Management School (AMS) in Belgium to receive a Double Degree with the MSc di Global Management of the AMS.


The program offers students a truly international perspective. At the end of this program, students will acquire the knowledge and skills needed to undertake a career in the private sector and in government agencies, both nationally and internationally. The knowledge and skills gained through the program will open a range of career opportunities in various business activities such as market analysis, competitive strategy, marketing, sales and corporate communication, logistics and innovation management. The program also provides a solid background for undertaking doctoral studies.
Please note: Call for applications will open soon. NO-UE  students requiring  VISA to the Italian  Embassy  (or Consulate) in their country must apply for enrolment no later than 24th July 2019.