DEMS Management Webinar: Roberta Bocconcelli (University of Urbino)

Wednesday, March 16, at 12pm, online

Intra- and inter-organizational tensions of a digital servitization strategy


The DEMS Management Webinar series is proud to host   

Roberta Bocconcelli
(University of Urbino)

The paper analyzes the digital servitization (DS) process with the paradox theory lens. The purpose is to catch how intra- and inter-organizational tensions generate complexity along a DS journey to find “where” and “when” industrial companies can intervene to face them. The methodology is a qualitative, in-depth single case study, which longitudinally explores the DS strategy of a manufacturer along with three phases of development: design, implementation and assessment. The analysis reveals six intra- and inter-organizational tensions in DS and provides insights on tensions’ origin and how to face them. A theoretical framework on DS complexity and an empirical framework on tensions’ origin is produced. The research combines service and organizational paradox literature. Together with a longitudinal methodology, it results in a spatial and temporal analysis of DS, from which theoretical and managerial implications are drawn.

Roberta Bocconcelli is Associate Professor of Business Marketing in the Department of Economics, Society, and Politics of the University of Urbino Carlo Bo, Italy. Her research interests are mainly in Business Networks and technological development. She published in journals such as Industrial Marketing Management, Journal of Business & Industrial Marketing, Journal of Business-to-Business Marketing, Journal of Business Research.

The seminar will be online on Zoom (link below)